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Gender Female
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Compensation Any
Experience Experienced
Height 165 (cm)
Weight 49 (Kgs)
Hair Color Blonde
Hair Length Very Long
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size 4.5 (UK)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Skin Color Tanned

chan | Model

About chan

I am a experianced model . that loves the camera aswell as shooting others
I reasently got back in south africa and havnt done any shoots in over 7 months

my aim is to bring out more then just a picture but a feeling aswell

looking forward in coming back in the game

3 Portfolio Comments

beautiful portfolio!

Alwyn Human

Hi Chan. You have a stunning look. If I was closer I would gladly help, but too many km's... Give "Hannes in CT" a shout. He is brilliant!


Good to see you back :)

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