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Gender Male
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Compensation Any
Height 100 (cm)
Weight (Kgs)
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Short
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size 2 (UK)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Skin Color Tanned

Julian | Model

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Forget the risk and take the fall if its what you want you will risk it all


Need to risk it ,to get the biscuit

About Julian

I am an energetic male with a passion for modelling. i love to work in front of a camera and will keep doing so as long as i can. I work hard on my body at gym daily to keep these puppies pumped. i enjoy shooting with various female models

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What ever you thinking think Bigger


What ever you thinking think Bigger

Chant HellFire

Well done Julian ;)

Danni Dahli

Your couple shoots with Michelle just never seems to disappoint or fail!! Well done to both of you!


Thanks for the friend request. You,ve got a nice port! Regards Mickey

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