Height 140 (cm)
Weight 10-49 (Kgs)
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Short
Eye Color Hazel
Shoe Size 3 (UK)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Skin Color White

Ladyyjayd | Model

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About Ladyyjayd

Starter model looking for exposure. Aspiring writer. Studying Graphic Design part time. Happy-go-lucky kind of type and not afraid to be out of my comfort zone. I love a new challenge and being out there.

I'm comfortable with nude/lingerie/glamour on condition it's tasteful and not porn. I am in a wheelchair and think being a model can really benefit society, create a lot of exposure for YOU and ME. I am a firm believer in self love and self acceptance.

I have a story to tell and very excited to grasp that story through a lens.

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Great portfolio...

Danny Steyn

Welcome to the MB dysfunctional family!


Welcome to ModelBase Marthinus

Peter Sealy-Fisher

A warm welcome to MB. I hope you find modelling uplifting.


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