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About DavidNash

My name is David I am 37, stay on the East Rand

I am Export Sales rep

I am new to this industry, having a few photography and model friends made me get into this.

Having a passion for taking photos and just enjoying a camera. I am a very fun person and would always try a challenge. I travel for my full time work so I do get to see a few interesting places an people. To capture people in their own environment will be another challenge for me, but for now its a hobby.

Having done a few shoots in and out a studio is fun but for now I need to learn the studio more.

Not only do a shoot but I have also stared to pose just to learn both sides.

I think a person needs to learn both side and that will be able you to help your model or even another photographer.

if a person has a passion or a hobby you need to try and follow it and that is what I am trying to do now.

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